Make each day so special,
As you search for peace and grace.
For, God is watching from above ~
Shining glory upon your face.

You do not need to run and shout,
Saying everything is great.
We all must take one day at a time
And do this for our sake.

Believe the Lord, who reigns on high,
Will take care of all the rest.
He only wants to know, from us,
That we're doing our very best.

It is when we fail to follow
That life becomes real tough,
Until we finally kneel and say,
"Good Lord, I've had enough."

We know that it's not easy
To follow all His words.
By doing the best we can in life,
Our prayers will, then, be heard.

So, do not be discouraged,
Or feel that you're alone.
God's always there beside us,
On the pathway to His Home.

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Brought To You By Sandbox Greetings

Verse Copyright 2003 Valentyne Lang

Midi "Butterfly" Used with permission
Copyright Bruce Deboer

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