"I Spoke Your Name To Butterfly"

I bid the sun this dawning
to gently warm your day
To tender you in comforting play
of healing golden rays~
I offered a prayer to bird on wing
as he gifted melody of sing
Notes of joy he promised to bring
to gaily lift your heart~

I spoke your name to butterfly
as she fluttered softly by
Asked of her the reasons why
some thing's seem so hard~
Then I knelt in earnest prayer
that your burdens He would bear
Touching you with His loving care
to bring you safely through~

Butterfly came and took my prayer
straight to Heaven - winging air
All the love that I could share
came gently drifting home~
I spoke your name to butterfly
as she fluttered softly by
She tipped her wings in gentle sigh
saying, "All is right with friend" ~

~So earnestly this one is gifted to those who have need~

"I Spoke Your Name To Butterfly"
Is used with permission, and may not be reproduced!
Copyright 2002 ~*Marge Tindal*~

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