God raised the shade on a colorful delight
He had been painting during the night
God's paintbrush dripped with colors bright
To make autumn trees a beautiful sight.

Over the meadow trees swayed in the breeze
Leaves of exquisite color dancing with ease
Many shades of red, green, brown and gold
Beauty from God's paintbrush we behold.

Oak and maple trees standing tall in place
God painted them with ease and grace
Autumn days with foliage all aglow
His beautiful colors blend and flow.

Give thanks to God that we can see
The breathtaking beauty of it all
And experience the splendor
Of God's paintbrush in the fall.

Verse 2007 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

He hath made everything
beautiful in His own time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV

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