God's love I sought by reading books
And in the charts of a scientist's skill
These things left me wanting more
God's love eluded me still.

I sought for God's love in sun and stars
I searched where the wild sea rolls
I found it not and as I silently stood
A great fear entered my soul.

In my despair I fell to my knees in prayer
It was then I felt God's love was there
His love was all I would ever need
I found and accepted God's love indeed.

In my heart God's love will grow and grow
I will be able to face my tomorrows I know
In faith I will walk in His love each day
And God will say, love is the only way.

Verse 2006 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

"God's love can be found by prayer"
~Glenna M. Baugh~

Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings © 2006

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