I met a extraordinary person who
Has become very important to me.
We met here online and now are
The best friends that could be!

Quietly this person came into my life
Leaving a gentle impression on my heart.
I knew they were someone special
Right from the very start!

This amazing person is like no
One that I have ever known,
And even though we've never met
Or friendship has grown and grown!

Have you guessed by now just
Who it is that I'm talking about?
Why it is YOU dear cyber friend.
Oh sorry, I didn't mean to shout!

I'm so thankful for my computer
And this wonderful Internet.
Just think if it wasn't for it
We never would have met!

But most importantly my friend
I am thankful for you,
For all the sweet things
You always say and do.

I hope that you know how
Precious you’ve become to me,
How I appreciate you and know
That friends forever we will be!

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