Today I saw beautiful butterflies
Flying around in the air
As I beheld their beauty
I knew God had placed them there .

Such slim little bodies
With delicate colorful wings
Only God in heaven
Could create such beautiful things.

Yes, butterflies are God's creation
And He chose to set them free
In the air they are quite a sensation
A thrill for everyone to see.

Moving among the flowers while in flight
Colorful butterflies are a lovely sight
Each season they fly from place to place
With so much beauty and grace.

The wonders of God's creations never cease
His beautiful butterflies move about in peace
Large and small they appear before our eyes
We are thankful, dear Lord, for lovely butterflies.

Verse 9-08 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

"Butterflies are a part of God's wonderous beauty"
~Quote by Glenna

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