Gather your arms around me, baby.
              You won't have to feel lonely tonight.
              I'll make you calm; dissolve all your maybe's.
              You'll find you and me, us, is so right.
              Gather your love to share with me, baby.
              I know that things sometimes seem sad,
              So when we're apart and in need of each other,
              We'll look back on this night that we had.

              Open your eyes and look at me, baby.
              I'll show you in mine how I feel.
              Then close up your eyes once again and lay back,
              As we start to make both our dreams real.
              Float in your dreams as I watch you sleep, baby,
              As I push back the sleep, as I fight,
              And with that I draw close, and I sleep holding you -
              Gather 'round as I love you tonight.

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