You know all of my
Hopes and dreams, and
Have shared some of the
Most memorable times
Of my life with me!

You have made me laugh so
Hard sometimes that my
Sides were splitting and my
Cheeks were wet with tears!

You have held my hand
And helped me through
Some hard times I never
Thought I could endure.

You have always given
Your friendship so
Freely and completely;
Never expecting anything
At all in return from me.

It is hard to find the
Right words to say to
Let you know how very
Important you are to me,
And how special you are.
So, I will simply say that
There is nothing better
In the whole world than
Having a friend like you!

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Graphics and Verse Copyright 2003 Sandbox Creations
Graphics created with a tube from Caring and Sharing
Midi "'In The Garden" used with permission. 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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