Friendship, like lace, is delicate and fragile.

Lace is held together with a fine thread;

Friendship, too, is held together by similar fine threads of heart strings.

Each “picture cluster” in the lace cloth has its own story

of how it came to be. While the clusters may look alike, each one

is still its own, with varying minute differences to make it unique.

As with the lace being created by one to offer beauty and joy to others,

friendships are made by the introduction of one to another by our Creator,

to give beauty and joy that lasts a lifetime with indelible memories.

The ragged edges are akin to our own incomplete and fragile well-being,

yet still connected to all that our Creator has made.

From the ragged edges we go into the treasure

of God's most gracious gift - friendship.

The stains in the cloth remind us that we are not perfect,

for we all have flaws; though the stain is visible,

that piece within the cloth is still intact and part of the whole.

It is the same with us -

we are not let go of, we are still cared about and still a part of the whole.

This friendship lace is a perfect example of faith, hope and love...

no matter how ragged and stained we might be,

we are held together by our Creator and by the friends we have been given.

With never-ending blessings in a never-failing circle of life,

we are to look within ourselves and into the hearts of friends -

for that is where we will find God.

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