If I had to do it over again,
I wouldn't change what I did.
I would change the way
I felt about what I did.

Last night I had a dream
It had a tale to tell.
I dreamed I saw an angel;
Poor thing she wasn't feeling well.

Her body bruised and battered
Her wings were ripped and torn
This angel could hardly walk,
She looked so tired and worn.

I walked right up to her to ask;
Angel? How can this be?
She turned around and paused a bit,
Then she spoke these words to me:

"I'm your Guardian Angel,
A great task as you can see.
You've run amok most of your life;
Look what it has done to me.

These bruises are from shielding you
In times both dire and ill.
All the drugs you've used
I've often paid the bill.

You see my wings are ripped and torn;
How often they have flown you
From evils unaware. Each mark it's
Own story of deadly wounds destroyed.

You made me
Wish more than
Once that I
Was unemployed.

If only you could make it
Standing on your own;
Oh, don't you fret or worry
But please try to remember
I'm getting old and frail".

I could not believe all I had heard,
Let alone how much she cared.
I wept upon her shoulder,
Then left her in despair.

The next day I sat and wondered;
Should I really try?
And in a distance I thought I heard
A frail old angel cry.

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