Does that hurt ~ she asked so sweet
You have those scars on hands and feet
Jesus smiled and said "not today"
Because you're with Me it's okay
You see I gave My life for you
The Little Girl said "I heard that too"
Jesus smiled and touched her heart
The little girl felt love now start
She said I am sad for all Your pain
Jesus said "much was gained"
For now you are in a Home of Love
With gentle wings that fly above
For every one who comes to Me
Will find much love and harmony
And I will smile and say "well done"
Welcome to your new Kingdom
The little girl was filled with grace
A beauty that can't be erased
For now she walks in Gardens filled
With petals soft and love fulfilled
Every moment blessed with peace
In Heaven's Gardens love released
Upon God's heart these words are written
Come my Children all's forgiven.

~Francine Pucillo
Šused with permission, Sept., 2004.


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Music used with permission from Bill Sandy copyright 1997.

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