I know I've said it time and again,
But I do appreciate you my friend.
And since the words I feel are hard to convey,
I'm sending this page my words to say, "I Appreciate You"

As days go by, with battles we'll fight,
our friendship will always shine like a light.
A beacon to run to, when times get bad,
Keeping each other uplifted, through good times and bad.

God knew what He was doing when He sent me you.
I feel a kindred spirit. I've found who's true.
You build me up, even when I feel low.
So, I take this chance to tell you, "I love you so."

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Graphics copyright 2002 Sandbox Creations
"I Appreciate You" by Kathi Toups and used with permission
Artwork is used with permission and is copyright Kayomi
Midi "The Meadow" is used with permission 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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