Loving words are spoken,
And sweet memories are made.
Our love is a token,
Of the tender games we've played.

Those quiet nights alone,
Were spent holding each other tight.
In our happy little home.
Were on an eagle's flight.

When our eyes meet,
In a loving tender gaze.
We can't help, but have a seat.
To remember all our days.

Days of yester-year,
Never taking any back.
Always wanting each other near.
Our Lord took up the slack.

Making our souls as one,
Each and every day.
Feeling that we've just begun,
What more can I say!

You spend your life with me.
So very happy and mild.
Our spirits are set free.
Feeling like a little child.

For my darling, it's you I cherish.
From the very first day.
Our love shall never perish.
As God gives us the time to play...

~I love you always and forever~
~You are heavens soulmate~

Verse Copyright 2006 Diane M. Lamphere