Happy Anniversary

When the night gets lonely
I think of your tender embrace
When I cry for you only
I think of your smiling face

The arms that wrapped around me
And set my soul on fire
For all the world to see
Babe you are my hearts desire

I know why you had to go
I pray for your safe return
Remember I love you so
Our passion, forever will burn

Our great nation needed you
To set anothers free...
They took a man so true
And that truly saddens me

My hopes and dreams were shattered
When they called you away
All that ever mattered
Disappeared and left me in dismay

So now I pray each night
That God will bring you home
Things are not so right
When you are all alone...

Lord in heaven hear my plea...
Please bring my one true love
Safely back to me
A love as pure as a dove

Is what we have to show
I still wear his ring
As we continue to grow
Our hearts will surely sing

True love withstands all trials and tribs.

Verse Copyright 2006 Diane M. Lamphere

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