Do you believe in angels?
Winged, sent from high above,
With halos, watching us with love,
Angels that take on the classic role
Of knowing us from the very soul?
I'd like to think I've a guardian angel
Who knows me better than anyone else
Who shows me sense when my mind is lost
Who cares about me deeply
Who will be my closest friend
Love me to the very end

Do you believe in angels?
Enlightened, they show the way to truth,
We know they're here, we need no proof,
Angels that when we are dying inside
Let us see there's always a humorous side?
I think that I've a guardian angel
My closest friend
Who'll love me to the very end

Do you believe in angels?
I do; they're here with us on Earth,
They are all the key to our happiness and mirth,
Angels are with us all the time
Look around you, they surround you,
And I've found mine
I know that I've a guardian angel,
He knows me better than anyone else
He shows me sense when my mind is lost
He cares about me deeply
My love, you are my closest friend,
And my angel to the very end.

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Graphics Copyright Sandbox Greeting

Verse used with permission Copyright Catrina

Midi "Fabric of Our Love" Copyright Bruce Deboer

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