The waters in the ocean start to churn
All watch to see which way they will turn
As we watch them turn into hurricanes
Hoping when we leave that everything remains

The twist and turns they make
Leave damage and death in their wake
I will never forget the water and wind
That Mother Nature that day did send

Lives and property lost and torn apart
Leaving some knowing nowhere to start
Loved ones praying and worried every where
The pain of not knowing so hard to bare

We have given them names through the years
All have brought damage and tears
Katrina left behind destruction and death
Leaving many gasping and holding their breath

It is time to for us to band altogether
To rebuild everything torn apart by this weather
Offer a kind and loving hand to those in need
It's like planting a garden seed

We each will reap what we all sow
We all can watch a new garden grow
The force of nature is an amazing thing
You never know where or what it may bring

Pull together as a nation
If it be nothing but a small donation
Compassion is a wonderful gift
To help all those who are adrift

God Bless You All



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Verse used with permission Copyright 2005 Shirley Kniss

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Midi "Angels Whisper" Copyright: Bill Sandy

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