I'd give up everything to see you
        Even for just a moment in time
        Just to feel entire bliss over my body
        And to keep your image forever in mind
        To me, you're a sparkling eyed angel
        To everyone else, a typical guy
        What in the world could ever make
        A man look so different in my eyes?
        Your touch, so soft, so gentle
        Your voice, so crisp and so clear
        Losing the advantage to see you, to hear you
        Is the absolute most that I fear
        Time is flying by quickly
        The hourglass is almost done
        Soon you will be gone, far, far away
        And I will have lost all that I've won
        Please tell me you love me
        Please tell me you'll stay
        Please tell me you will be with me
        And never, ever go away.

        Poem By: Melissa C.


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