Buttons and Bows and
Teddy Bear things
All stuffed with warm
Fuzzy feelings that only
A good friendship brings.

Friendships are sewn
With so many things;
It is a special bond that
Only true and lasting
Friendship brings.

It is tenderly laced with
Pretty buttons and bows
That represents the bond
That keeps us connected
Wherever it is that we go.

Friendships are carefully
Stitched over many years
And like an old teddy bear
They lovingly give us comfort
Through laughter and tears.

I am so lucky to be able to share
This very special bond with you;
You are so precious to me, my
Dear and oh so faithful friend,
Your kind spirit shows in all you do!

I want you to know that
No matter what you do,
No matter where you go;
How near or how far,
I will always treasure you!

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Verse Copyright 2004 Sandbox Greetings

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Music used with permission from Margi Harrell

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