We have shared so much over the years and
no matter what was going on in our lives
we have always been there for each other.
Many years have gone by and time has
strengthened our bond and our special friendship
has turned into a deep and abiding love...

You are such a wonderful person, words cannot
express how much you mean to me and what it
has meant to me to have you by my side to help
me through some really hard times, and to share
in some truly unforgettable moments too!

I love you with all of my heart and
I understand that it is hard for you to make
the choice to commit yourself to only me, but
Sweetheart, life is too short not to live for what
makes your heart sing and to just cling to
material possessions, because in the end that is
not what makes you happy. We both deserve a
whole lot more than where we are right now in this
relationship and it is time to move ahead.

We can do it together or I will have to do it on my own
because I cannot go on this way. I know that life
without you would be incredibly hard, but I am strong
and will do what I have to do to get through it.

My love, Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift and that is why they call it ‘The Present'.
Why not give us the GIFT of happiness for the rest of the
time that we have left here on earth before it's too late?

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