A friend is a person
you see now and then;
Or talk with, or write to,
or e-mails you send ...

A person I'd fight for,
or die to defend
A person I'd cry for,
to think it would end.

A friend is a person
who tells me their woe's.
Through good and the bad things,
our friendship still grows.

Because of great distance,
our letters it slows.
Yet onward and upward,
our friendship still goes.

So, know that I love you,
as real friends do.
And know your love's needed,
the same it is true.

I'll share all my feeling
and hope you do to ...
'Cause this is the friendship
that I need with you!


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Graphics copyright 2002 Sandbox Creations

Verse used with permission and is copyright 2002
James O'Brien Poet@bak.rr.com

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Midi "The Prism" is used with permission
and is copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer