For all the times You help me grow
And for all the seeds You've helped me sow
For all the tears You've cared to dry
And for all Your patience when I ask 'Why'.

For all those times when I give up
And say please take away this cup
For all the things You show to me
And for all the Truth You've let me see.

For all the times You drag me along
And for all the right You've made from wrong.
For all Your love You send my way
And for Your promise of a better day.

For all the things You help me let go
And for all the mountains You help make low.
For all the rainbows after the storm
And for all the sunshine to keep me warm.

For all You do each and every day
And for all Your guidance along the way
For all the courage You give me to pursue
Thank You God, I Love You Too.


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