Be A Friend

Follow your dreams and chase the stars.
Dance with the moon and be who you are.
Uncover the veil that prevents you to see.
Open your heart to all you can be.

Some days will be happy while others are sad.
Hold on to your faith. Take the good with the bad.
Count, in your life, all the blessings you should.
Make sure that your love is well understood.

Be a friend to a stranger who holds out their hand.
Show compassion and kindness, so they'll understand
That you're willing and able to offer them hope.
Do all that you're able to assist a friend cope.

When you lift up the spirit of a person in need
And show that you love them by doing kind deeds,
They will never forget how you offered them light
And gave ear and attention as they spoke of their plight.
There will not be a day, that passes you by,
To help make a difference without asking, "Why?"
Each act of love and compassion, we share,
Will spread through the world ~ showing others we care.

~ © by Valentyne Lang ~
©used with permission,



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Music used with permission from David W. Folsom

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