Mary had a little child
Who was born on Christmas Day
It was The Lord Jesus, holy in everyway.
The snow was falling on the ground
Angels sang their praise
Mary gently laid the baby down
In a manger of soft hay.

A child who was so loved by all who came
On this wonderful Christmas Day
The wise men worshiped on their knees
Shepherds came with their sheep
Mary smiled at her little son's sweet voice
A rainbow of gold upon his head
This little child was born for all
May everyone rejoice.

One day this King of Kings
Will give Mary His mother grief,
He will die upon the cross
For you and I
As we see what is to be,
For now, Mary's little child born on Christmas Day
Is celebrated by the bright star,
That shines along for you and me.

Angels sing songs about this Christmas
Their harps are all in tune
I see the First Christmas too,
I know Mary is being cared for well
By Joseph and the special angel
God gives His Son much love
Jesus is "The Great I Am"
His life is written in the stars above.

~ Linda Ann Henry ~
©used with permission, © 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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