I Felt An Angel Near Today,
Though One I Couldn't See.
I Felt An Angel, Oh-So-Close,
Sent To Comfort Me.

I Felt An Angel's Gentle Kiss,
Soft Upon My Cheek.
And Oh, Without A Single Word,
Of Caring It Did Speak.

I Felt An Angel's Loving Touch,
Soft Upon My Heart.
And With That Touch, I Felt The Pain,
And Hurt Within Depart.

I Felt An Angel's Tepid Tears,
Fall Softly Next To Mine.
And Knew That As Those Tears Did Dry,
A New Day Would Be Mine.

I Felt An Angel's Silken Wings,
Enfold Me With Pure Love.
And Felt A Strength Within Me Grow,
A Strength Sent From Above.

I Felt An Angel, Oh-So-Close,
Though One I Couldn't See,
I Felt An Angel Near Today,
Sent To Comfort Me.

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Midi "Angels Whisper" Copyright 2002
Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music