The First Christmas Tree

Long ago, a story's told
Of angels sent from Heaven's fold;

Faith, Hope, and Charity.
They were required to find a tree

As high as hope, as great as love,
And sweet as charity above.

This tree, that they were sent to find,
Was also meant to have a sign.

On every bough, it was to bear
The cross' symbol; everywhere.

The Christmas tree was yet unborn.
The one they found would be adorned

With lights. But first, the task at hand.
To find the tree, they'd search the land.

Their search was long. It ended north.
Deep in the forest, the fir brought forth.

The sign that they'd, in earnest, sought
Was what the Christmas tree had taught.

Break a fir's needle off the tree
At the stub, on the branch. You will see,

In nature's glory, a cross to behold;
On every bough, as they'd been told.

And though their search was finally ending,
One more task still needed tending;

Starlight sprinkled on the tree
By Faith, Hope, and Charity.

T'was the lighting of the very first Christmas tree.

2004 by Dot McGinnis-Used with permission

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