I want to love you like you've never been loved before
I want to always leave you wanting more

I want to give you my heart and soul
I want to complete you... make you whole

I want to be the one you lean on when you need a friend
I want to have you by my side until the very end

I want to hold you close to me every night
I want to always wake with you to the morning light

I want to never make you doubt my heart is true
I want to always let you know how much I love you

I want to always see that look in your eyes
I want to diminish any doubts you have inside

I want to always be your only desire
I want to never ever put out that fire

I want to whisper your name with every breath
I want to never give you reason for regrets

I want to be your best friend
I want to make love with you again & again

I want to be your every fantasy
All I really want is to know that you love me.

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Poem Tammy L. Peterman
Used with written permission.

Music used with permission from Andy Klapwyk