When I See Through Daddy's Eyes

I see a man who is a hero,
When I see him through my eyes.
But, I see a man who's just a Father,
When I see through Daddy's eyes.

He doesn't know that he's special
Or that he puts rainbows in my skies.
But, I sure know that he loves me,
When I see through daddy's eyes.

They say I have my Father's eyes,
But it's more the ability to see
The blessings God has given us;
When I see my Father in me.

He's nothing short of a hero
And, to me, that's no surprise.
For, I can see how much he loves me,
When I see through Daddy's eyes.

Happy Fathers Day!


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Verse Copyright 2005 Claytia Doran

Midi "My Grandpa"
Copyright Bill Sandy

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