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    My Love,

    I lie awake and can't describe . . . the way you make me feel inside.
    I've never felt so loved before . . . your love for me is so much more.
    I know I'll dream of you tonight . . . and dream I'm holding you so tight.
    I know I am alone right now . . . but I still feel you here somehow.

    I know when I drift off to sleep . . . my fantasy will be complete.
    I close my eyes in sweet sublime . . . as thoughts of you control my mind.
    In my dream and fantasy . . . you're everything I knew you'd be.
    I can't control a heart so full . . . you are so very beautiful.

    There are no words that I can say . . . your beauty takes my breath away.
    You're finally here before my eyes . . . and I'm completely mesmerized.
    You're clothed with only radiance . . . my mind detects your fragrance.
    You're bathed in such a brilliant hue . . . I digest every inch of you.

    I smile because I cherish so . . . the love that we have found.
    Then my excitement peeks when you . . . approach me and lie down.
    I fold my arms around you and . . . I pull you to my chest.
    Of all the dreams I've ever had . . . this one will be the best.

    Your breast are pressing to me now . . . so soft but yet so taunt.
    So much consumed by love we share . . . we know what we both want.
    I run my fingers through your hair . . . in soft massaging fashion.
    You have unleashed in me a wave . . . of flooding raging passion.

    I smell the fragrance in your hair . . . a gentle scent of peach.
    Then I can feel you're touching me . . . as you begin to reach.
    You arch your back and moan so softly . . . reaching now for me.
    And as we lay caressing . . . we knew this was meant to be.

    I gently kiss your ear lobe . . . and I whisper in your ear.
    I am so much in love with you . . . and now you're finally here.
    We lie there for an hour . . . as we just explore each other.
    Knowing in our hearts . . . we've never felt this with another.

    The passion and the love we feel . . . so intense, yet so kind.
    Is what most people seek in life . . . but very seldom find.
    Everything you say or do . . . just strokes my inner fire.
    My heart is racing madly . . . and my mind full of desire.

    Just to hold you and to touch you . . . and to feel your skin.
    Stirs the passion in my soul . . . like it has never been.
    As I lie here basking . . . in our love that's all aglow,
    I whisper softly, "Sweetheart . . . there is something you should know."

    "In my life, I thought I was . . . in love a time or two."
    "But, now I realize I've never loved . . . till I met you."
    "I've never had emotions . . . or experiences like this,
    I never even realized . . . these feelings did exist."

    "'I love you,' just does not convey . . . this feeling or it's depth."
    "It's more than love I feel for you . . . you are my life and breath."
    You smiled and looked me in the eyes . . . and squeezed me tenderly,
    And said, "I love you just as much . . . now please make love to me."

    I felt so loved and intertwined . . . how much can my heart take?
    Then as I pulled you close to me . . . I started to awake.
    Awake and now I realize . . . that you were never here.
    Then, as I thought about the dream . . . I felt a little tear.

    How can you be in love this way . . . and be in love so deep?
    And it seems like reality . . . when you are fast asleep.
    How could this woman reach inside . . . and grab my heart so tight?
    With words that she had spoken . . . before I signed off tonight.

    But now reality sets in . . . and has me in its clutch.
    I wonder if I'll ever get . . . to feel her tender touch.
    As I sit and dwell on her . . . and what this really means,
    I wonder if the love we share . . . will only be in dreams.

    Forever and Always,
    Your Love




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